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viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Visit Scotland & the Scottish Independence referendum.

Two years ago I made my first study trip to Edinburgh. 

The experience was really incredible!!!

Scotland is a country which is in the UK, it has wanted to become an independent country since 1707, and with a lot of money it has created some independent laws. However, nowadays it's part of the UK. Scotland is very famous because it has got the Loch Ness, I haven't been there but the story tells that inside the loch there is a monster.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, it's a beautiful city, I was there two years ago and it was amazing. All the monuments that it has got, all its history, all its landscape... We went at Easter and we had a fantastic weather. The news said that they had got a drought during that week. The best monument that we saw was the big castle of Edinburgh.
A unique final and a great success for Spain & Madrid!!!
No matter who has won. The most unique thing has been that two Spanish teams and two teams from Madrid have played an incredible math.

On 24th May this year a unique event happened in the world of football, and the record was that two teams from the same city reached the final of the UEFA Champions League. A lot of people think that it could be very possible in other leagues, like England in London (with all the teams that are in London). But, at least it happened in Spain with Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

The match was really exciting,although if you are very nervous, you'd better not watch you shouldn't have watched it, because in the minute 93 R.Madrid scored goal to force the extra-time, with a fantastic goal of Sergio Ramos. At the end Atlético de Madrid was exhausted, so he lost the match. The result was 4-1 for Real Madrid, but I think that the match was closer than what people can think if they only pay attention to the result.

I like Real Madrid, so I wanted Real Madrid to win the match. Although I think that Atlético de Madrid is a good team, this year they have won the league, and that's really difficult. All in all, the two teams were Spanish, and that's the important thing.

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Have you ever won the lottery?

Lottery is something that if you won it, you would be rich or at least live better than before. However,does lottery make you happy for all your life? Nowadays, does lottery make you as rich as in another era? In my opinion there are advantages and disadvantages of won the lottery.

On the one hand, nowadays you can't be rich wining the lottery, because now life style is more expensive than before. It's true that there are a lot of good prices, in spite of you for example the probability of win the jackpot is 0.00001% and you have to give to the government a porcent of this price. 

On the other hand, you can pay your mortgage or go on holiday, continuing your life style. In my opinion you have to enjoy with your friends, doing a party

All in all, money is good to live better but it doesn't make you happy for all your lfe. And that's something that we have to take care.
Michael Schumacher in critical condition after a skiing accident.

In my opinion Michael Schumacher is the best Formula 1 driver in the world and it's very sad what has happened.

In the news it is said that he was going to help another man, who was Scottish but unfortunately he crashed into a rock. I think that if he hadn't had his helmet, he would have probably died. It's for that reason that doctors want to make people wear their helmets all the time they are on the snow tracks. Nowadays he´s in a critical situation and there is not any information that he will get better.

I reckon that Michael was always a man that liked risks, and for that reason he loved dangerous sports. in another piece of news they said that Merkel also had an accident skiing, I think Germans should be more careful with the snow.



Have you ever drunk alcohol? At what age did you start drinking? Is it common among your friends?

Have you ever drunk alcohol? At what age did you start drinking? Is it common among your friends?

Nowadays, there are a lot of teenagers who drink alcohol, and they think that it is very common to drink alcohol when you are under 18 years old. And that is a problem because specially in Spain it is causing a lot of problems. For example a lot foreign companies are selling trips to Spain with only alcohol and a hotel to sleep and that makes us a country without laws.

Another example of this. it's the places that make the government to drink alcohol for teenagers when there are big parties and not all are under 18 years old. And that is another serious problem, because the government is promoting it.

All in all, alcohol is bad when we are growing, because our brain is developing at that age. And teenagers musn't drink alcohol.